Equality issues

Röskva makes equality a priority
The recurring theme of Röskva’s operations is the vision of educational equality for everyone, regardless of their sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, financial situation, religion, ethnicity, residency, disability, illness, social standing or other situations. Röskva would like to make sure that the rights of the students at the University of Iceland are not infringed upon in any way. Also, Röskva wants to work with, and tend to various interest groups which are operating within the University.

Röskva wants the equality protocol of the University of Iceland to be respected.
The equality protocol of the University of Iceland should, without exception, ensure equality within the school.

Röskva calls on gender equality
The gender inequality persists and are there many hindrances on the road to equal opportunities for people, based on their gender in many stages. Röskva wants to promote equality awareness within the University community as well as that of the entire community. Also, gender stereotypes and systematic discrimination must be eliminated.

Röskva demands equality education at the University level

Gender-based harassment and violence shall not be tolerated within the University, as well as in the entire community. The #metoo revolution has brought much attention, as eliminating this cancer to society is long overdue. While equality education is obligatory in primary- and secondary schools, it is not obligatory at the University and Röskva makes the demand that equality education should be made obligatory within the University community. It is also the role of the student’s council and department committee to draw attention to the University of Iceland committee on reacting to gender-based and sexual harassment and other sexual abuse. The committee services all students at the University of Iceland.

Röskva wants to continue the work of the student’s council on creating an equality policy and implementation of protocol on reactions to gender-based and sexual abuse and harassment

It is important for the student’s council, as the voice of students, to form a broad, progressive policy on equality issues. Work on the equality policy of SHÍ has started and Röskva believes that it is necessary to continue that work. Also, Röskva believes it is important to follow through on the protocols of the Student Council in regards to the reactions to gender-based and sexual harassment and violence.

Röskva wants no committee to be mono-gendered and for them to reflect the variety which may be found in the school
Röskva wants SHÍ’s committees to reflect the variety which may be found within the school. Röskva believes it to be important for the different voices of the genders get to be heard in all operations of the Student Council and divisions should promote that aim when appointing a committee. Non-binary individuals should not be discriminated based on the gender which they were assigned at birth.

Röskva would like to see the promotion of equal gender ratios in the student groups of all departments of the University
There is a substantial gender deficit within a few departments of the University of Iceland. Röskva wants the University to promote those departments in all secondary schools in Iceland to correct this deficit. All promotional- and educational materials would then be put together to depict the genders equally at work.

Röskva wants a more equal gender distribution of teachers within the departments of the University of Iceland
The higher up the ranks you look, the higher the gender deficit within the University of Iceland becomes. Röskva wants to draw greater attention to this.

Röskva works on issues related to LGBT+ people (LGBTQIA+)
Röskva believes that the misunderstanding which relates to a dual gendered and heterosexual hegemony must be annihilated. The cooperation between the University of Iceland and the LGBT+ campaigning groups must be increased with the purpose of promoting discussion on their issues. In that, Röskva would like to promote general acceptance and awareness of the hindrances which transgender students at the University of Iceland must face. Röskva would like to draw attention to the fact that when using a dual gendered system, for example during research, we look past the issues and realities of non-binary people. This gives a false visage of the community. Education which is tainted by a dual gendered system maintains stereotypes and prejudice.

Röskva wants to ensure assistance and understanding from teachers for students with special learning needs
There is a diagnostic fund for students with special learning needs. Röskva believes it to be important to safeguard the fund’s operations. Röskva also wants to promote an open and informed discussion on the issues of students with special learning needs and possible resources.

Röskva wants it to be clearer which resources are available to students with special learning needs
Röskva wants a summary made on what resources are available for students with special learning disabilities, illnesses, mental disorders and disabled without further delay. According to the law, the University of Iceland is obligated to inform students with a disability/disabilities or students with special learning needs on their rights and resources. Therefore, Röskva wants the University to take initiative to provide a general introduction to these items within the University community and on the University’s homepage.

Encouraging steps to inspire new Icelanders to seek university education
Röskva wants to find out ways for new Icelanders with foreign backgrounds to seek university education. This would be possible in coordination with the Ministry of Education and secondary schools in regard to preparation and promotion of university studies. Röskva also wants an assessment of the status of immigrants in the education system in Iceland and how they may ease their access to the University community.

Röskva wants gender neutral bathrooms
The work must go on for gender neutral bathrooms, which the equality committee has been working on these last years.

Röskva wants menstrual products in all bathrooms
Menstural products should be as easily accessible as other hygiene products. We shouldn’t assume that people are always prepared when nature calls, which is why Röskva believes the first step toward securing access to period products on campus is for Háma to sell them.

Class recording as equality to education
Röskva wants recordings in class to be considered as an equality issue. Not everyone has the opportunity to attend or pay attention in classes for reasons such as mental and/or physical illness, disability, residency, family situation or other situations. Röskva wants the needs of these students met by recording lessons.

Röskva wants equal rights to education regardless of ethnicity
Equality for education is not currently in place at the University of Iceland. Refugees, foreign students and immigrants have a more difficult time in being accepted into, and studying at the University of Iceland than students who are born and raised in Iceland. Assignments and tests in English should be available to all foreign students. All foreign students should also have access to courses and study programs in Icelandic, regardless of their proficiency in Icelandic or what they are studying at the University of Iceland.

Röskva wants social responsibility of the University of Iceland toward immigrants and refugees
Individuals of foreign origin should be offered Icelandic courses at the University of Iceland so that they can prepare for their studies. Röskva wants the University of Iceland to show social responsibility by doing this and to promote real equality for studies, regardless of their origin.

Röskva wants the gender registration of students to be more varied
Röskva wants transgender and non-binary students to be taken into consideration in regards to gender registration on Ugla, cf. name change. Students should be able to register their gender regardless of the gender which is registered at Registers Iceland. The gender register should allow for more than two genders as well as offering the option of “don’t want to answer”.

Röskva wants students to be able to register further information about their status at enrolment
Röskva wants students to be able to register further information such as disability, mental and physical illness and special learning needs. This could result in students in wheelchairs to have accessible classrooms and that they might be taken into further consideration at the beginning of the school year.

Röskva would like to promote the evaluation of internships for credits
Röskva considers internships to be an important opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with potential working environments and occupation possibilities after their studies. During internships, students have the opportunity of using their technical knowledge on real life projects. Röskva wants students of all departments of the University to have the possibility of internships being evaluated for credits. A committee could be assembled which would keep track of internships and communicate between students and faculty council.

- Accessablity


Háma products should be displayed in an appropriate manner such that people of all sizes and physical abilities can reach things on their own.


Röskva wants to ensure there are no classrooms furnished only with tablet desks. These chairs with built-in desks are ill-suited to individuals in wheelchairs as well as individuals with larger builds. The fact that some students are unable to sit at desks during their classes is unacceptable.


Röskva believes more and better elevators should be installed on campus, for instance in Oddi, Eirberg, the sports center, Nýi Garður, and other buildings. The university should prioritize funding for such improvements as it is extremely important to ensure equal access for all.


That way, students could submit comments regarding inadequate accessibility in campus buildings, violations of student rights, and more. As it is, it’s difficult to determine how best to submit these kinds of comments, and Röskva believes it’s only right to find a solution.

Röskva wants to ensure access to people with disability/disabilities
Access for people with disability/disabilities to the buildings of the University of Iceland is unacceptable. Studies at certain departments of the University are impossible for people other than those without disabilities. Röskva would like to point out that Háskólatorg does not fulfil the standards of access for everyone. Röskva demands that accessibility issues at the University become a priority with the University administration. Access to information about building accessibility is also unacceptable and Röskva wants this to be amended immediately.

Röskva wants Braille markings and tactile ground surface indicators in all buildings of the University of Iceland
The University administration has promised to mark classrooms and offices of the school with Braille and tactile ground surface indicators. It is especially important to repair the tactile ground surface indicator in Háskólatorg.

Röskva wants organizations and committees within the University to improve access to events
All organizations and committees within the University of Iceland are to ensure access for everyone to their events. This should be kept in mind when a “home bar” is chosen and when regular events are held like Octoberfest, annual balls, buffalos (ice. vísindaferð), ski trips, etc.

Röskva wants precautions to be taken before lessons outside of the University campus
Teachers should make sure that there is access for everyone when taking field trips.

Fitness- and health club made more accessible
The University gym housing is inaccessible to students in wheelchairs. Röskva wants the fitness- and health clubs to be accessible to all students.

No classrooms only with seats with attached tables
Röskva wants no classrooms to contain only seats with attached tables. This arrangement is particularly unsuitable for individuals in wheelchairs as well as for other students of different body shapes. It is unacceptable that individual students cannot take a seat by a table in lessons.

- Mental Health


Mental health services for University of Iceland students must be dramatically improved. Clinical psychology students provide excellent services, but these students should not have to bear the brunt of the current staff shortage. Röskva demands that the number of full-time equivalent psychologist positions be increased.


Röskva also demands that more treatment options be made available to students. No single method is suitable for everyone.


Röskva wants the school to have an on-campus nurse who could, among other things, provide preventative care and early intervention for both physical and mental health challenges.


Röskva recommends that university officials explore the possibility of opening a health clinic on campus to provide students with holistic health care. Mental health services have already been significantly improved, and Röskva wants to push for continued progress in this area.


Röskva wants students to be better informed about the resources currently available to them and strives to make services more readily accessible to students. For instance, Röskva wants available resources to be clearly listed on the Ugla home page. Röskva demands that information on the rights of individuals with mental health issues be made more accessible.


Röskva believes all University of Iceland students should have the opportunity to participate in community life. Academic counsellors and others must be able to provide information about social opportunities. Anyone dealing with mental health challenges is welcome to turn to Röskva for assistance.


Röskva believes both students and instructors should be better educated about mental health. Mental health topics could be part of instructors’ continuing education requirements, for example. Mental health awareness organization Hugrún can be called upon even more to share expertise and resources.


Röskva wants students to have the option to register their mental and physical illnesses as well as learning disabilities as soon as they enroll at the University of Iceland. This will greatly reduce pressure on students and ensure that they do not have to inform each and every instructor of their condition.


Students’ mental health is a matter of concern, and students deal with a great amount of stress. This has to be improved. Röskva believes that housing concerns cause even more stress and this issue must be addressed.