Family matters

Röskva would like higher matching contributions from the municipalities to preschools
Röskva would like for all students of HÍ to receive the same payment support for the preschool fees, regardless of their legal residence. Currently there is a considerable difference between the payment support between municipalities in the capital region and therefore, students at HÍ pay different preschool fees for the FS preschool based on their residency. For example, students whose legal residencies are in Hafnarfjörður, which are the legal guardians of a child which attends the FS preschool, pay much higher fees than students whose legal residence is in Reykjavik. Röskva wants to change this.

Röskva wants higher maternity allowance
Röskva wants to see a higher maternity allowance in accordance to the subsistence table of LÍN. According to the current arrangement, all students receive the same amount of maternity allowance, regardless of their marital status and number of children. Röskva would like these factors to be taken into consideration

Röskva wants to ensure the rights of all students to a maternity allowance
The current laws on maternity/paternity leave are highly flawed in regards to student’s rights. It is unacceptable that not all students who are abroad or recently graduated students get paid from the Maternity/Paternity Leave Fund. Röskva considers it to be just as much of an equality issue that all new parents have the full right to payment from the Maternity/Paternity Leave Fund in accordance to the basic subsistence guidelines.

Röskva wants further consideration for parents
Röskva has been fighting for a long time for lessons to end before the preschool closing time. It is unacceptable that parents cannot attend lessons because family life is not taken into account during the scheduling of classes. In those incidences where these demands cannot be met a solution might be, for example, to having lecture recordings accessible online. Also, Röskva believes it to be necessary for all buildings of the University of Iceland to have high chairs and changing stations to change diapers. Röskva also recommends for Háma to begin sales of baby food.

Röskva wants children’s subsistence to be regardless of study progress
Children’s subsistence should not be dependent on their parent’s study progress. If a parent is unable to finish the minimal credit requirement, at least part of the loan should be paid out so that parents can support their children despite their academic failures.

Child-friendly spaces at the University campus
Röskva would like to explore the option of setting up child-friendly spaces at the University campus.