Student’s financial interests

University financing
The University of Iceland is greatly underfinanced which is one of the greatest matter in regards to the interests of students at the University. Röskva must demand that politicians stand by their words when it comes to the Universities financing and for those finances which are provided to be allocated to student interests. Röskva is fighting with all their might for improved financing for the Universities and will keep fighting in the coming years like the division has done in the last years.

Reasonable registration fees
Röskva’s principal ideal is equal opportunity to all education. Röskva fights wholeheartedly against school fees, i.e. other than registration fees. School fees diminish the equal rights for education and distort the competitiveness between subjects. An increase in registration fees includes hidden school fees. The students interest group must fight against this at all times.

Entrance exams should increase teaching quality, not hinder equal access to education
Röskva is completely against limiting the number of students for the purposes of cutbacks. The goal of entrance exams should be to improve the quality of education and not to hinder access to it. Special education needs, Icelandic knowledge and other factors which might affect the student’s performance in the entrance exams need to be taken into consideration for they might not affect their studies at the University.
In light of the difference suitability of the entrance exams in different departments, Röskva suggests that the administration of the University should not make any final decisions on this unless in consultation with the students of those departments which are in question.

Röskva demands for the government to prioritize the public university system
Röskva highly criticizes the arrangement where the state fund provides an equal payment for all students, regardless of whether they attend school at private or public schools. Privately run universities who collect school fees from their students should not need equal funding from the government to the same extent as public universities. Public organizations are of a different nature than those who are privately run and therefore, the government should make government run universities a priority.

Cheaper living as a student
As is customary in Nordic countries and other places, Röskva believes it to be normal for students to be considered as a low-income group like the disabled and elderly. Students should have a standardized discount from public services such as commute, health care and preschool services. Röskva also wants to fight for an increase in the leisure grant for children of students.

Röskva wants to implement travel grants
Röskva wants, in accordance to its vision for educational equality, a travel grant/discount for distance students. LÍN’s travel loan, in accordance to pricing, should be available to distance students.

Cheaper swimming fees
Röskva wants cheaper swimming fees for students.