A more technologically advanced university

Hámu cards for students
Röskva would like to make life easier for students. A lot of students purchase quite a lot from FS, for example in Háma, Stúdentakjallarinn and the Student Bookstore. Röskva would like to see electronic cards which provide students with a discount in FS’s shops which allow for money transfers to make things easier. This would also shorten the queues in Háma during lunch breaks.

Electronic access cards – better access to study facilities!
Currently, the electronic access cards within HÍ are only valid for one building of a student’s choice on the University campus. Röskva would like to see access to more buildings using these electronic access cards and that the access cards provide a 24-hour access to the University buildings where applicable. This work has begun under the current administration lead by the Student Council and want to see it pursued next year.