Environmental and transportation affairs

Röskva wants the same bus fare for all students
Röskva wants the same rates on bus fares for all students at the University of Iceland, regardless of their residency. It needs to be ensured that students whose legal residency is outside of the capital region get a student discount of bus cards.
Röskva demands that the municipalities support students from their area and in that, they meet Strætó BS half way. Röskva objects to further increases in the pricing of the student cards and will promote continual transportations between Suðurnes and the capital region. Transportation is extremely important to students who are studying at Keilir.

Bus fare stamp cards at a lower rate for students
Röskva would like to continue putting pressure on the municipalities and Strætó to implement stamp cards for students. The stamp card would be at a lower price than individual tickets and would be more practical for those students who use the bus occasionally.

Public transportation needs to be accessible
Röskva wants a bus system which students can utilize. Röskva will continue pressuring Strætó BS to implement systematic fast routes so that the bus can also be used as a fast transportation option. Röskva also wants to fight for a university connection. A bus which will solely transport between various buildings of the University of Iceland and the University of Reykjavík. Especially between Háskólatorg, Læknagarður, Eirberg and Stakkahlíð.

More accessible walkways between university buildings
Röskva wants the walkways between the university buildings to be clear and safe, including improved lighting. Thus, pedestrians are quicker when travelling between buildings and rely less on vehicles. The number of walkways between university buildings need to be increased.

Improved facilities and access for cyclists
Röskva wants to make bicycling an optimal transportation option for students. Covered bicycle storages should be available at each building as well as accessible shower facilities throughout the university area. Great improvements need to be made on biking paths leading to the entire university area and maintained throughout the winter season. It would be exemplary to have maintenance and repair facilities for bicycles on campus.

Bicycle rents at the University.
Röskva would like to set up a bicycle rent at the university area. A bicycle rent is an optimal option for those who need to, for example, travel between the university area and Eirberg, Læknagarður and Stakkahlíð.

Let’s fix the traffic calming by Sæmundargata!
Röskva would like the traffic calming by Sæmundargata, opposed to Oddi, to be fixed since it is perilous for those vehicles who drive over it. Röskva has unsuccessfully brought this up with the city authorities which have not acted on this.

Carpooling as a more environmentally friendly travel option for students.
Röskva suggests that companies which operate carpooling services might increase the number of their environmentally friendly vehicles for university students for short- and long-term rentals. Röskva also considers it to be ideal to establish a forum for university students to join together in cars and in that further utilize transportation in private cars to the university or even to the grocery store. Röskva also demands that charging stations for electronic cars be set up at the university area.

Röskva wants green dormitories
Röskva believes that ecological dormitories are a realistic vision for the future. We want the dormitories to be a role model for other homes in regards to recycling, ecological commute and other sustainable ways of life. We want the dormitories to have more options for recycling, mainly sorting biological waste, glass and aluminium.

Recycling may be promoted to a further extent
Röskva celebrates the emphasis the University of Iceland places on recycling and would like to see additional follow up and development in the field. Bins for general refuse may be decreased and stations for the return of reusable food and drink containers might be increased. There should also be a place for empty pizza boxes in all buildings of the university. In addition to this, education on the recycling system should be emphasised in the new student orientation in all departments. It is important to get the National and University Library of Iceland as well as Háskólabíó in line with the environmental standards of the University of Iceland. Improve access to recycling, mark the bin lids with braille symbols and lower the bins for disabled persons.

Röskva wants green coffee cards
Röskva wants students to be encouraged to environmentally attain friendly ways of living and suggests the availability of green coffee cards at Háma where students get less expensive coffee if they bring their own reusable containers.

Green University
Röskva wants the University of Iceland to be leading in all environmental issues. The University of Iceland shall encourage environmental protection and environmentally friendly ways of living, for example by encouraging electronic turn-ins of assignments.
Röskva encourages increased use of electronic educational materials and that they should always be utilized when possible. Röskva wants the University of Iceland to begin to consider the next Green step to be taken at the end of the first Green step in the beginning of February and also participate in projects such as the Green flag. Röskva also considers it to be crucial that the employment percentage of the project manager of the sustainability- and environmental issues within the University of Iceland should be raised to 100%. It would be a big step towards a greener University.

Röskva wants to increase the variety of vegan foods in Háma
Röskva wants to continue the fight for the offer of a broader range of vegan food in Háma and in the vending machines throughout the university area. The variety of vegan and vegetarian foods is greatly lacking within the university.