International cooperation

International representative of SHÍ
Foreign students at the University of Iceland comprise a varied group, but only a quarter of them are foreign exchange students. Despite this, the University of Iceland almost exclusively supports undergraduate- and exchange studies where the information and support is based on their needs, resulting in a large group of foreign students lacking support and assistance. Röskva wants to change this. Röskva demands that a position of an international representative will be added to the Student rights office, ensuring a confidant for foreign students which will provide lobbying to those who deserve it.

Possibilities of exchange studies
Exchange studies are an important way to broaden student’s horizons. Röskva wants students from all departments to have the option of participating in a foreign exchange program. A few students enrol in a foreign exchange program from the University of Iceland. Röskva would like to encourage the University to further present the option of foreign exchange and encourage everyone, regardless of their status, for example families with children, to partake in exchange studies. For example, increased grant amounts may be implemented to provide further assistance.

Increased relations to foreign universities
Röskva believes that studies abroad can play an important role in a student’s academic record and encourages the University to increase relations with foreign schools, with both teacher- and student exchange agreements. Röskva points out that this is especially applicable to all postgraduate studies in the University of Iceland. Röskva would like to see a continued cooperation between the Aurora Student Council and the Student Council of the University of Iceland with the aim of improving student services and reinforcing SHÍ’s operations.